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About Nado

A precocious talent drove her from early “Ecole Normale”, Quebec, which apprenticeship lasted six years (during the week-end). Self-taught, she traveled to Europe , United States, Asia attending various schools of art, including schools in Quebec, Ontario, California and Arizona, Sri Lanka (where she lived for 25 years).

Based on this knowledge, she returned working in her preferred medium “oil”. Having delved into the work of many artists in order to grasp their esthetic excellence and gain greater control of colours and forms, a new style has evolved. Through different technics, which are being polished constantly, she has recreated enchanting views of Quebec sceneries as well as many new subjects in an impressionist contemporary style.

During her stay in Asia, she has worked with local artists whose mediums have been oil, acrylic and drawing.

NADO likes to be surrounded by beautiful paintings, fascinating books and deep-rooted music. “Designs on canvas are like words on paper”. They outline their creators and spread to others their inspiration and creativeness. She is also inspired by beauty, elegance, shapes, women (any kind of shapes).

NADO has exhibited in Ottawa, Quebec, Toronto and Sri Lanka (7 exhibitions in Sri Lanka) under the supervision of the Alliance Francaise and other organizations. Her canvasses can be found in public and private collections in Asia, Europe and Canada.

Recently, she has exhibited at the Orange Art Gallery, City Centre, Ottawa and House Art Café on Summerset, Ottawa.